There is 1 main aspects to the PencilPalsNFT project.

1. 100% community controlled, the holders will be in charge of the projects funds and the future of the project. 30% of the mint funds + 100% of the royalties for the project will be routed and held in the community's multi-signature Gnosis wallet. Once the mint and giveaways are completed the community will decide which holders will be responsible for the community's wallet.

To keep out the noise and shenanigans, the Discord is only open to those that hold a PencilPalsNFT.


Phase 1

Complete the mint of 5,000 PencilPalsNFTs, give out the 1 ETH to each of the holders that minted the unique NFTs, giveaway 2 @CBCreepz, 2 @GoblinTownWTF, and 2 @V1Punks NFTs.

Phase 2

Determine which holders will be in charge of the community's multi-signature Gnosis wallet which will hold 30% of all mint funds + 100% of the projects royalties.

Phase 3

The future of the project will be determined by the holders.